Radiation protection blouse, light blue

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Brand new: Available as short-sleeve version (custom built - 10 days delivery time - Example image only shows shape not the correct colour)


Women´s blouse, unicoloured light blue, available in sizes 36-54. The blouses are fitted up to size 48. Raw materials: 97 % cotton, 3 % metal. Washable.


The Sartex-fabric which these blouses are made of protects reliably against HF radiation, caused by cell phones, DECT-phones, Baby monitors, Wifi, TETRA, etc.


Optimal protection for electro-sensitive people or if you feel uncomfortable under elevated radiation.


A study at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Neubiberg made by Professor Peter Pauli confirms, that SARTEX shields up to 99 % of HF radiation. Even after washing 30 times, the shielding effect did not change. You find the expert report here


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