USB groundcable

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USB groundcable with locking, grey
2 m cable
USB plug



Almost every computer screen today is made in accordance with the international applied and acclaimed TCO standard for workstations, so electromagnetical fields are reduced to a minimum with regard to human health interests.


When measured, the actual threshold for field strains withing the workplace area is often exceeded by more than 10 times. The reason for this are unshielded electrical wiring and unshielded devices like computers, fax, photocopiers, printers, workplace lamps, phones etc. 


Bases of desks and sub-cupboards are typically made of metal. Since metal conducts electricity and couples with metal parts of office devices, the field strains become stronger.

When electrically conductive metals of office devices are grounded, using two grounding systems developed especially for this purpose (USB groundcable and groundcable with locking), electromagnetical fields can be significantly reduced.


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