Globules Protector against HF-Radiation

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Radiation shielding bag to protect homeopathic products against HF-electric smog like cell phones, DECT-phones, Baby monitors, Wifi etc.


Did you know that homeopathic products are negatively influenced by pulsed radiation? While carried outdoors, your precious products are constantly exposed to deleterious pulsed radiation. At home, too, your homeopathic products should be protected from DECT radiation, Wifi, LTE, Tetra etc. But even when you´re not using radiant devices at home, radiomasts, devices from neighbors or visitors can cause radiaiton that should not be underestimated. Microwave ovens emit radiation measurable up to three kilometers away.


Protect your homeopathic products with our "Globules Protector" that blocks up to 99.9 % of HF-radiation. You can carry flasks filled with glubules, pills or liquids like Bach flower extracts.


Radiation protection material: Sartex, Colour beige, 97 % cotton, 3 % metal, Sizes: Small approx. 20 x 13 centimeters ; Big approx. 25 x 18 cm, with drawstring to consult the bag, Handmade in Germany, piece production.


  • To block HF, electromagnetic radiation
  • Excellent and homogenous shielding effect: 45 - 18 dB at 200 MHz - 2,4 GHz (99,995 - 98 %)
  • Hardwearing, washable at 30°, delicate wash (no spinning, no machine drying), colourfast
  • No change of shielding effect after washing 30 X
  • No bulk production. Every bag is made by hand.


Lab report: click here


This bag is very suitable for medical practices to give homeopathic products to take with.

A terrific gift idea for people preferring homeopathic medication.


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