HF+LF / Shielding fabric SILVER-TULLE

HF+LF / Shielding fabric SILVER-TULLE

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1 m = 89.00 €


SILVER-TULLE is a semi-transparent strong silvered silvered knit fabric for the protection against high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency radiation (LF). Typical application as net curtain, as room divider in laboratorys, medical practices, etc. and due to the highest washability to sew a bed canopy.

Special features: 1) Due to its strong silvering SILVER-TULLE is very stable and dont loose its screening attenuation while washing or movement. 2) This fabric is hard to sew accurately, because it‘s stretchy and pulls out of place easily when you try to sew on it. Please note that customized curtains are difficult to sew dimensionally stable!

  • High transparency at very high screening attenuation
  • Contactable (groundable) to shield LF electric fields
  • Textile similar characteristics: Washable, easy to process. Exception: Do not iron.
  • Quality grade: Very high

Technical data

  • Width: 140 cm, +/- 2 cm
  • Length: Available by the meter
  • Attenuation: 50 dB, two-layer 67 dB
  • Color: Silver-beige.
  • Raw materials: 80 % nylon, 20 % silver
  • Weight: 40 g/m²
  • Dimension stability: +/- 1 %
  • Surface conductivity: 0.8 ohm / inch (2.54 cm)


Grounding: Electrically conductive. Can be contacted and grounded to shield electric fields (LF). We recommend a plug GP or GD, with a plate GM or GS, plus a cable GC. Here you´ll find our grounding accessories


Measurement report: http://www.yshield.com/pdf/db/YSHIELD-SILVERTULLE-DB.pdf




Machine washable (gentle cycle) with cold water

Do not iron

No bleaching

No chemical dry-cleaning

No spinning !!


Though some suppliers fail to inform: This product is made of silver which can stain as time passes! However, this does not alter the shielding effect.


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