Canopy pyramidal

Canopy pyramidal

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Pyramidal shape: This paramidal shape canopy is desirable, if you need fast mounting or if you have a roof pitch. Only suitable for beds up to 100 cm width, since otherwise the slope gets too big. Disadvantage: Offers only limited free space and you have to lift the canopy away for bed-making.

Canopies will always be tailored on customer orders. Our recommendation for beds up to 100 cm width would be a canopy with the following dimensions:


Measures: Bottom circumference 1150 cm, height 240 cm. Entry: Through one overlapping opening. Mounting: By one point on the ceiling. Scope of supply: Canopy, mounting accessories, 100 cm ring.

The canopy with the above mentioned dimensions is orderable via this shop. If you like to order a different size, please contact us via We will make you an offer, if possible.


Fabric New-Daylite: Our classic fabric with good allround features! High light- and air permeability, mechanically stable, crease resistant. Disadvantage: Due to the mesh width only limited attenuation at high frequencies. Attenuation 25 dB at 1 GHz. Not groundable. 

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Fabric Voile: Our favourite fabric with good allround features, if you need a high attenuation! Good light- and air permeability, mechanically stable, crease resistant.  Disadvantage : Anyway none! Attenuation 35 dB at 1 GHz. Not groundable.  

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Fabric Silver-Tulle: Our high-end fabric with a  maximum high attenuation! Reasonable light- and air permeability, mechanically stable, crease resistant. By comparison to its predecessor fabrics Curtain/Dali (they lose the attenuation fast) perfectly wash resistant!  Disadvantage : Due to the 20 % silver content only the price. Attenuation 50 dB at 1 GHz. Groundable with grounding plate GM / GS with plug GP.

Even if other suppliers fail to inform: This product is made of silver which can stain as time passes! However, this does not alter the shielding effect.

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Fabric Naturell: Our classic fabric made from ecological cotton with high attenuation. Acceptable light- and air permeability. Disadvantage: Like other cotton fabrics not crease resistant after washing. Attenuation 38 dB at 1 GHz. Not groundable.

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This product will be sewed with your chosen fabric immediately after you placed your order. Delivery time: 3 - 6 days (Germany). As this is an individual production, there is no right to return the product. If you are not sure about which fabric should be used for sewing the canopy we can send you a free fabric sample. Shielding products often need some expert advice so if you have questions please call us on +49 721 407921.



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