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Disconnects voltage directly in the fuse box as long as no electricity is needed.

  • Reliable operation even with dimmers, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving bulbs, halogen spot lights and devices with electronic start-ups, such as vacuum cleaners.
  • Navigation lights within the light switches and night lights still work also
    when the circuit is disconnected.
  • Protected against reverse polarity and excess voltage.
  • An LED display indicates circuit disconnection
  • Capacity: Pre-fuse 16 A
  • Even lower residual ripple: < 4 mV
  • LED-supported function diagnose for even easier installation and operation.
  • The TOPSELLER among the demand switches!


Technical Data:
Nominal voltage / capacity: 16 A, 230 VAC +/- 10%, 3500 watts bulb load.
Mechanical operation time of relay: Ca. 15.000.000 switching cycles.
Single-pole disconnection: For optimum operator protection and minimum residual ripple.
Ripple: < 2 mV / < 4 mV / < 8 mV (nominal/typical/maximum)
Surveillance voltage: Uncritical with regard to the buliding biology standards (max. 8 mA / 230 VDC). DC voltage.

Housing: Mounting rail according to DIN-EN 50 022, 35 mm = 2 PE


Scope of delivery:
- Demand switch
- System control lamp
- Detailed instructions manual


A demand switch - What for ?


Electricity has become indispensable for every day life. The use of electricity inevitably causes alternating electrical and magnetic fields. The effect
of these electrical and magnetic fields on the human oraganism has been the subject-matter of many international studies with some concerning
results. At present, the "safe" levels of electric and magnetic fields are still to be determined, but it is now agreed by many doctors and scientists that the levels should be reduced on the principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably

Magnetic fields should be measured and any wiring faults corrected. Electric fields can only be reduced by using electrically screenedcables or using a "Demand Switch" whichremove the high (230 volt) supply when there is no load on the circuit that needs power. This is particularly useful at night-time. A reliable Demand Switch optimised according to building biology criteria can substantially reduce your daily exposure without your being inconvenienced. It is for this reason that many experts recommend the decoupling from the mains (often also called "isolation") as a first and important technical step to be implemented when reducing alternating electrical and
magnetic fields.


NA7 manual: Click here


We have tested the demand switches from Gigahertz Solutions at our offices and can recommend them absolutely. The demand switches have been installed since the beginning of 2009 and work flawlessly ever since. The installation by our electrician went without any problems and was completed very quickly. However, if you´re running stand-by devices like TVs you´ll need the "Ultima 8" demand switch to cut those devices off the grid reliably.


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