Shielded low-heat-device connecting cable

can be shipped within 1-3 days


The 3 Meter cable is no longer available.


Minimizes electromagnetic pollution from computer connecting cables, monitors, printers, and other flexible devices.


  • Flexible PVC hose cable, shielded and twisted
  • Coated right-angle Schuko plug and low-heat-device socket, coated
  • Safety values below those determined in the TCO guidelines.
  • 250 VAC / resistant to max. 10A, length 2 m or 3 m, wire diameter 3 x 1 qmm
  • Color of cable is random: Black or white


What´s the use of a nice shielded metal PC-casing or a low-radiation screen if the power cables eagerly emit radiation?

We solved this problem in our publishing house by replacing all power cables with shielded power cables.

Then we replaced the multiple socket outlets, too and the problem was gone.


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