Shielded extension lead

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Minimizes electromagnetic pollution from flexible leads and devices.


  • Flexible PVC hose cable, shielded and twisted.
  • Schuko socket and plug, 3 m (black) or 5 m (white).
  • Safety values below those determined in the TCO guidelines.
  • 250 VAC / resistant to max. 10A


Basic advice on electric and magnetic field in power cables:



Shielded power cables can considerably reduce disease-causing electric AC fields. However, you should keep the cable length as short as possible, maintaining sufficent distance from places where people or pets usually stay. As soon as a device drains AC power through a cable, shielded or not, magnetic alternating fields will emerge which will vary in intensity, depending on the power demand. Those magnetic alternating fields are unhealthy when constructional-biological guidance levels are exceeded. Unfortunately magnetic alternating fields, contrary to electric AC fields cannot be shielded.


Therefore, power cables that are used to power a permanent electrical load are particularly critical. But when a power cable is just plugged in and does not conduct any electricity, no magnetic AC fields are emerged. That´s also the case with cables from electric installations laid in walls.


So what´s the deal with those shielded power cables? Well, with those, the electric smog is considerably reduced by shielding electric AC fields. That´s half the battle! The magnetic alternating fields which will emerge when power is consumed, unfortunately are not shieldable. Therefore do not keep any unnecessary devices like battery chargers, power adaptors plugged in! You can use a shielded multiple socket outlet equipped with a switch to turn them off reliably.


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